A matter of elegance

Bottignolo, grounded in the Prosecco countryside near Funer, has a history of passion and style. Passion for the land and wine, and for beautiful, timeless things. A love that looks to the future, a state of the art company with an international vocation.


The history of Bottignolo

The unique history of these wines starts around the year 1600, when the Bethignoli Prosecco, renowned all through the Treviso mark, starts appearing of the Papal table, when the vintner becomes an official supplier of the Papal Household. Since then Bottignolo has always cultivated a tradition of excellence and authenticity.

About us

The importance of the past

These vineyards have a long history, but the dream was nurtured by the passion of a family, that developed the subtle art of wine-making always with an eye to the commercial success of the company, with new products and always fresh enthusiasm.

The experience of Gino and Romangela, who know these vines down to their roots, led to the development of and excellent grape variety whose characteristics are universally recognised as unique.

Wine Making Process

Respect for true quality

The production of Cartizze Bottignolo starts with the Valdobbiadene prosecco grapes trained with the Guyot system and continues with hand-harvesting and grapes selection. Prosecco is produced using the Classic Sylvoz system.

Selecting the best stock, enhancing the purity of Prosecco and allowing each bottle time to mature: this is a centuries-old ritual that brings solid tradition into a modern company.

Limited Edition

Limited production

The Bottignolo production is still managed according to the old traditions: for this reason it is extremely limited and the bottles are numbered. Each bottle of Agathe, N°1 o N°2, is exclusive and available in only a few hundreds of pieces.

The certificate of authenticity accompanying each bottle bears the official number of the bottle, the day of harvest, and the name and surname of the harvester.

The soil

Where we grow excellence

The Valdobbiadene hills offer an extraordinary landscape, a generous soil and, in general, the ideal environment for our vineyards, which we bring to ripeness with a firm, experienced hand.

Santo Stefano

The place of “green vineyards”

Cartizze is born in the heart of Valdobbiadene, in Santo Stefano, which offers a waterfall of vineyards growing on the steep slopes that lead to the Colbertaldo Hills and touch the feet of the mountain before sloping luxuriously down again towards the Bigolino plain. There are very few settlements here, in witness of the respect and protection accorded to these areas, but there are a lot of vines which, thanks to the passion for the land and the love for its fruits, grow an excellent product which becomes a wine with an unusually intense concentration of tastes and scents.

Agathe, the Bottignolo Cartizze, is born here.


Unique, like the charm of its Prosecco

The Valdobbiadene hills offer an extraordinary landscape, a generous soil and, in general, the ideal environment for our vineyards, which we bring to ripeness with a firm, experienced hand.

In Valdobbiadene each river bank, each valley is unique, as is the charm of its Prosecco, a wine that offers an emotional experience and that, with its scents and unmistakable taste, is the perfect complement to life’s most emotional moments.

These hills see the birth of Prosecco Bottignolo n.1 (Brut) e n.2 (Extra Dry), thanks to the efforts, work and passion of the company’s partners.

The vineyards

The breath of the vineyards

East of Valdobbiadene, in Zente di Santo Stefano, lies the Cartizze vineyard, in an area of the upper Prosecco region that makes its products unique in the world. This hill country has a clayey silty soil that is responsible for the Agathe unique bouquet.

Prosecco is produced in Cal Piandre (San Pietro di Barbozza) where the sunny hills are blessed with the perfect microclimate for vine growing, and in Funer, where the clayey soil mixes with sand and the airy position creates the harmony that characterises the Brut and Extra Dry.

Dominique, Chef - Japan

Dominique, Chef – Japan

“I really appreciated N.1 as well as N.2 of your Prosecco…”

Marcello, Manager

Marcello, Manager

“Abbiamo brindato alla vostra salute con il Vostro super Prosecco! Mia moglie ha detto che erano anni che non beveva un prosecco così buono, l’ha paragonato allo champagne!”

Gaspare, Company Manager, Italy

Gaspare, Company Manager, Italy

“Ho ricevuto in regalo 2 bottiglie del Vs. Prosecco di Valdobbiadene e ne ho apprezzato molto la qualità. Ho degli inviti a cena e vorrei approfittarne!”

Roberto, Food & Beverage Manager - Siena

Roberto, Food & Beverage Manager – Siena

“Ho apprezzato molto il Cartizze e l’Extra Dry. Il perlage è molto fine, i vini sono ben fatti e di qualità…”

Marius, Importer - Norway

Marius, Importer – Norway

“I tasted Faotto Bottignolo Prosecco and I enjoyed them. Not a typical hubba bubba waterish Prosecco. They where all clear and crispy!”

Anne, Manager - Germany

Anne, Manager – Germany

“I shared Agathe with my family and we really loved it!!”

Max, Importer – New Zealand

Max, Importer – New Zealand

“I must say that the labels are very attractive and will display the wine beautifully!”

Luca, Chef - Venice

Luca, Chef – Venice

“Ho scoperto davvero un buon Prosecco!”

Peter, Manager - Belgium

Peter, Manager – Belgium

“With a great pleasure we opened two bottles of Agathe as it was my wife’s birthday today…Perfect stuff!!”

John, Importer - UK

John, Importer – UK

“The samples were tasted and we all agree the quality is excellent and the overall standard is higher than many ‘popular’ Prosecco in the market”