Prosecco Superiore DOCG Extra Dry

Light straw-yellow, almost greenish colour, with impeccable clarity and a minute, persistent bead. Intense and persistent fruity aroma, strongly reminiscent of ripe golden delicious apples and acacia flowers This is an off-dry, fresh wine, pleasantly lean and with very little alcohol, supple and very balanced, with a good persistence and a fruity finish. Highly versatile, it can be enjoyed equally at the beginning or at the end of a meal or, indeed, at any time during the day.

Grape varieties

Geographical area
On the slopes rising towards the Alpine foothills, from local grapes.

Harvest time
Second half of September.

White-wine fermentation, that is to say, with the skins removed and at a controlled temperature of 20°C.

Secondary fermentation
Slow, in large, closed containers, at 12°-14°C.

Serving temperature
5-7°C, uncorking the bottle when ready to drink.

Bottle pressure
5 atm

Residual sugar
Around 15 g/l

The opinion of experts

N° 2 is THE Prosecco DOCG, a pleasant extra-dry wine that pleases everyone, I consider it the wine of friendship, as it is most enjoyed when drink with friends. It is a wine for all occasions.

The Bottignolo Prosecco Extra Dry is a very elegant and subtle wine, with a fine bead that makes it especially creamy on the palate. Very pleasant aromas and tastes, it is a convivial wine, best drunk with friends.


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